Welcome!, originally uploaded by Dea©on Blues Three Point OH!.

In the never ending quest to re-invent and rediscover I have upgraded my screen name on Flickr from “Dea©on Blues v2.3″ to “Dea©on Blues Three Point OH!” and have decided to rejoin the blogging world…

I used to use Live Journal which was great but I would love to find something a little more…. “grown up” without going to myspace lol…

Special Thanks to all my Flickr friends who helped make suggestions and to Christine who suggested wordpress - I love it! Thanks!!

This will be a journey I’m sure. I have the bulk of things set up. But still need to take care of the About Me Page. I have also made use of the audio widget so that I can share some music - if anyone has any suggestions for more versatile players please let me know. In the mean time I will be playing with this one and updating the play list over the next few days.

I hope that you will visit often and enjoy. I am not really sure what will be the theme of this blog but it will be an open and honest me.

Peace and Love!