The shopping bug has taken a chomp...

So far today I have been shopping for cars, tv's, and cell phones... and all with imaginary money! lol

The first up is the 2009 Ford Flex for which a very nice sales person promised to call and let me know when they got a few in and the $$ for them. That way I know how long I am going ot have to wait to buy a used one lol...

2009 Ford Flex

The next thing is something that I have been looking at for a while... I want to get a new TV an LCD HD to be exact lol. But this again is another pipe dream.. at least for a while but I can shop and drool lol...

This is one at Best Buy that looks tempting and its on sale!!!

LG - 47" 1080p Flat-Panel LCD HDTV - for only 1799.99 right now!

And if this isn't enough!!

It seems that Alltel has started carrying a touch flo phone. Similar to the concept of an iPhone but different. I can't decide if I like it or not. I am hoping a friend of mine who has impeccable taste in electronics and works for them will fill me in on some details hehe.. I love my Treo 700wx , But as with most techno-junkies I get bored easily lol..

The new Phone from Alltel is the HTC Touch -

So who knows if or when I'll be actually doing the purchasing but its fun to dream.