I need some feed back here... I am looking at an Alltel version of the HTC PPC6800, sprint calls it the mogul. I am considering with my tax return treating myself to a new phone. As many of you may know I have been using the Treo 700wx for about a year now. But there are just some features missing like built in wi-fi, picture messaging, and the ability to use EV-DO that is driving me up a wall.

Granted even with a new phone the EVDO may not happen but the wi-fi option could certainly help to make up for it. As well as the pix messaging which is what I find a lot of my e-mailing is on my treo.

I tend to use my phone for slingbox (tv), internet and radio streaming from xm online, email, pix, text, phone calls, and the office products.

Any thoughts please fire away!