Some things I am apparently better at than I thought... So the latest numbers are in and it appears I am still on my loosing streak!! YEY!! In the last four weeks I have dropped a total of 24lbs. And still rollin strong! I can't say enough good things about Weight Watchers. Its something that is doable - you don't have to give up everything good in your life and you can actually eat enough to live!

On the shopping front I have finally decided to give the HTC PPC6800 from Alltel a shot. (as if there was any question...) Don't know if I am going to keep it yet but we shall see - stay tuned for pics.. I should have it sometime Monday.

In other shopping news, I got my taxes all done finally - I don't know why but I always feel like January moves so slow trying to get to the end of it so that I have all my forms. But finally they are done - you might ask how this is shopping news... well sit back.. With my tax return I will be .... wait for it... dun dun dunnnnnn PAYING OFF MY CREDIT CARD!! (queue the balloons and confetti.. oh and someone wake up the band) Not only that but I will have money in the bank again!! yey!! Oh and joy of joys My car insurance will be paid up through June with this as well! Granted part of this is due to the help of an extra pay check in the month of February also but still...

So this means no more paying down enough to not go over my limit when the monthly bill comes and it also means that I will have less money going out each month and can actually put something in savings like a normal human being. Which leads me to my next topic...

Companies advertising 24 hour online service and account information need to ya know actually provide that at least 90% of the time. I understand that maintenance has to happen but every night between 1am and 6am? Doesn't that kind of change the whole 24/7 rule? I have been trying to get into my account with the local power company to drop my budget plan since for reasons beyond me they are upping my monthly due from 97.00 to 120.00 despite the face I currently have an almost 50.00 credit balance. so screw-em. at least till summer comes back around lol..

And now on to Patience... some of you may know that I recently applied for a supervisor position at work, well they of course are still not saying a WORD! I hate the waiting. And the funny part is that I actually have almost talked myself out of wanting the position but dang it I want to know one way or the other already! On top of that they are talking about more changes to our department which could either turn out really good - or crash and burn in a great flaming horrifying mess. Only time will tell. hey at least maybe there will be more money in it if they ever get it done.

You might ask how this fits into Patience... well because I have been remarkably calm about it lol.  I have not been pestering - I have not hounded - I have even not thought of it for periods of 5 to 15 minutes. This is a huge improvement lol.

Well now that I have bored the world lol ... I am off to be lazy and read some and then go on to sleep. Stay tuned for the next installment of madness!