It's interesting just how fast can feel like they are turning around. And how often they just stay the same.

With all my new years resolutions and new attitudes it has been a kind of whirl wind of activity for me personally. I have a regular meeting with friends for a movie night - have been getting invites to go out with people or to just hang out. And I am accepting!

The taxes came in in good time and thus now combined with an extra pay check in Feb I have paid off my credit card, paid off the remaining 6 months of car insurance premiums, gotten my savings account sort of back on life support (should be breathing on its own again by the first check in March) AND picked up a new cell phone (which I helped to pay for by selling my guitars).

I am trying to pair down and only keep around what I actually need and then want at home and my guitars as much as I would love to have learned, as much as I still love the idea - they had not been touched except to be moved from TN to MA since I bought them. And I am a firm believer that instruments are meant to be played and need to go to people who will play them. So they are going to a lovely home where they will get lots of love and attention.

The new cell phone, PPC 6800, has been a God-send! I love, LOVE, this phone! It corrects every gripe I had with the treo with only two small quirks, bluetooth connection can be a bit dodgy at times but I am coming to think thats more a windows mobile issue than hardware specific, and sometimes it likes to blink off of my messages program when I open one. Nothing big and quick to fix. I love having the wifi and the nice loud ringer on it. The camera is better than the Treo thought about being but still leaves some to be desired - though it is a camera phone so pretty damn good!


At work right now it seems the world is up in the air - but I think its going to land spinning the right way... I just gotta make sure I hold on tight and jump in the right bunker lol . This should mean more money - the hours I want, and hopefully some added job security. But right now I am just waiting for it to be finalized so I can request some time off in March... for....

Dawn is comin to visit!! YEY!! I can't wait- it has been so long since I have seen her. I sometimes wonder if she could possibly understand just how much I love her and value her friendship. We are something of two halves of the same person. Very much Yin and Yang on some things but a good balance. Now if only I could get her to answer her texts and e-mails and tell me the dates for sure! grrr CALL ME GIRL!!!

People are starting to notice the weight loss now - someone mentioned that my face is starting to look thiner which was FANTASTIC to hear, both because its showing and because I wasn't imagining it lol.

So far I have lost 27.8lbs in the last 5 weeks and am soon to pass the 30lb mark and am gonna keep on truckin! Though I am going to have to figure out how to incorporate some chinese I am havin a craving lol. The last couple of weeks I have used more of my bonus points that I would like to have so I am going to have to look at some additional changes to make this work for the long haul, but wonder of wonders I am starting to eat MORE vegies too so that should help hehe...

Well I hope everyone else is well. Sorry for the delay in posting. But hope this quick update does the trick lol.