Well after one week of the weight loss slowing down and then the next week I actually went up .4lbs this a day after I had a bloodsugar drop - which is very unusual for me. Then this week... POOF dropped 7.4lbs.. woo hoo!!

 This weight loss continues to astound me... mainly because I haven't changed anything but what I eat.. I haven't changed physical activity, or times or any of that... but just what I eat...

I am starting to really feel the change - after loosing just the first little bit my back started feeling exponentially better but now that I have lost 34.6lbs in just 7 weeks, my clothes are really starting to fit differently.  The pants are dragging the ground because theres less ass to hold them up... and some of my shirts are starting to fit better - Im likin this trend.. Still have some clothes layin around that I haven't been able to wear in ages... I can't wait to get back into them.

As for Valentines Day - I spent the day shoppin with a friend and then setting up my 55 gal fish tank to handle my new friends, Albus and Minerva.  They seem to like their new home, and keeping turtles is totally new to me but I think I am off to a good start. I also now have some Hermit Crabs who are named Harry, Ron, and Hermione. LOL yes I'm a dork. Check out a few picks below...

Minerva                                                           Albus (top)  Minerva (bottom)



The Turtles Playin in the Sun.                               Their New Home...



The Hermit Crabs Home                                        Harry



Hermione                                                                    Ron



As for the rest of the world - well... Things are goin pretty good - we got a bit of snow the other night which made for an interesting drive home.. I am finally learning how to fully drive in snowy weather.. especially with a rear wheel drive.  The fun part is keeping the snow cleared off of it lol... I went out that night twice to clear off the car and still when I went to leave a couple hours later this is what greeted me.. FUN!


Made it home in 12 minutes lol... Not bad if I do say so myself.

 In other news - Dawn is comin to visit! YEY!! I can't wait for her to come visit. I got my time off all set and am all ready for her.  Not to mention that Mom will be up in May and I have it all off as well. And have my tickets to go see BB King on 5/16! can't wait!

Well Time to get back to it.. Hope everyone is well!