Ok so yes tattoo's are addictive.. and yes I have the addiction lol But I just love how they are coming out and how creative they allow me to be. It also provides an opening for some really meaningful tributes and expressions for me.

Aries Tat
Aries Tat

The below is a tribute piece that I put together.

The top figure is the Goddess Isis - the Ideal Mother - with Mom's initials in hieroglyphics and her initials in her own handwriting.

The bottom figure is a Sphinx - Guardian, Strength, Wisdom - with his initials in hieroglyphics and his handwriting.

A side note is that Dad did not want to contribute to this tattoo because he does not feel they are good for me. I am hoping that he will forgive me my creative methods in obtaining his handwriting, and see the love and admiration involved here.

The artist is Sandy from Ed's Heritage Tattoo in Salem NH.

Mom/Dad I love you both more than you will ever know.


Egyptian Piece - Back of Right Leg