So as many of you may be aware I have been doing a great deal of reading lately - I have also been making some efforts to make some big changes not just in my life physically but emotionally in how I view myself and the world around me - and more so to how I interact with the later and blend the two. So while I was reading Bill Shatner's Autobiography today something he said inspire the following thought that the more I have thought about it the more I feel like it is something I can latch onto and to maybe.. just maybe use to help better not just my life but myself.

So while it might not be the full meaning of life - it certainly is a guiding principle for living it. At least for me. "The most important thing about living is to learn from the past, not to fear it, and always look to the future with one eye, and to the now with the other." ~ALH 7/08/2008 aka Me On the surface I know it sounds rather obvious - but if you stop and really disect and think about it there is a lot there. And for me there is a great deal there that I truly need to learn in my heart and to make the changes needed to meet this idea.

I know that some may disagree with this and that is fine. But for me ... for the first time in a very very long time this idea and the depth of interpertation I have been contemplating along with it are things that I am not sure I have felt this strongly or personally about in years, if ever.

The image was found via google at: Chris Flynn Jones' Blog. It should be noted I have not read this blog so I can not speak for any of its content in either the positive or the negative.