Manga! Deacon Blues Three Point OH!!So I am taking at least the partial plunge soon!!

On Tuesday 8/19/2008 I will be going back to my new favorite Tattooist Sandy @ Ed's Heritage Tattoo in Salem NH, to get my half sleeve tribal tat on my left shoulder/arm.

I am so excited but nervous too. This is a big step.

I know a lot of people frown on tat's and will probably think I am nutz, but it is truly something that I really enjoy and love the art of it.

Yes, ART, thats what I said.

What happens in 20 or 30 years and I still have this ink? I don't know, I hope that I will still feel the same way. But right now it feels right. And it makes me truly happy. Something I continue to strive for. So I am going to live my life for me and for the now and not for the what might be that may never be.

I am also having two small additions made to my Aries Tat on my left forearm to include my ascendant and moon signs. And I am hoping to get a wrist band done as well. I am still decideing on if it will be the right or the left wrist. I eventually want to get both done but just going a step at a time for now.

I am also getting ready to go back to New Orleans for the first time since Hurricane Katrina, to visit a dear friend and to see what has become of my beloved home away from home. I fear I may well cry when I see parts of it. But I hope that it is not as bad as I am expecting.

AND - as if this wasn't enough. In October I am going to see Kathleen Madigan/John Pinette, Aretha Franklin, and Bill Engvall in concert. In November I will be going to see Lisa Williams also.

There are several more shows that I am working out $$ for tickets to go see, one more at the end of the year that I can think of and hopefully to see Bill Cosby in concert in February!!

I am trying hard to break out of the hermit shell I have become so used to and to explore and enjoy the world around me. And for now that is to continue with my art appreciation and to explore more into the theater as well!!

Peace Love and Joy!