Yup - went back for more Ink. This project has just a coupe more small steps, an addition to the top symbol, complete the text around the ankle, and just a few touch ups.

Ankle Tat The text on the top line is in a script/language pulled straight from the movies - I forget the name now of the font used to create it, but it is the text that you see so much of through out the films. Below that is the Mandalorian translation. And now the "Basic" or English translation is this: "Family is More than Blood (Bloodline)"

It is actually pulled from one of the books I am reading right now, Bloodlines pg 46.

Three Symbols

This project started out to be the circle symbols and the text all around the ankle but the shape of my leg and the circles didn't get along. So a last minute design change was made. I am really happy with it. The only thing I am slightly concerned about is the top symbol stretches a bit when my leg is down on the floor perfectly straight. But I am working on a slight addition involving a light saber to maybe help that out some.

As for why Star Wars? Well yes I am a fan, and I do love the films - all of them as a matter of fact. Though I do like the originals best. I actually far more enjoy the expanded universe done through countless books. Its a story that goes so far beyond anything seen on screen in any form.

And more personally - a long long time ago in a galaxy/state far far away. I was dealing with some pretty major life decision/changing things - starting when I was just out of Middle School and going into High School. And for me the books became a place of refuge, a clear space in my life. A place where I could let go of everything else in the world and just live there. And by the grace of the many talented authors and a serious addicition to their brand of scifi I survived that time. And to this day when I get stressed, when life is just too much for me and I feel like I am just totally drowning and don't want to face another day - I can still escape to the stories so well laid out so interesting so fun and learn to breath again.

I do of course read them when I am not stressed as well - helps to prevent a build up lol. So yes while I am a fanboy of the star wars thing and the geeky aspect of it - for me it goes far deeper emotionally and as a matter of survival than it does I dare say for a lot of fans.

And if you have read this far... Thanks... Hugs...

These are again courtesy of Sandy from Ed's Heritage Tattoo in Salem NH.