Ok not really...

Just thinking bout the past and how much confidence I had when I was Alexia Hope.

When I was in drag I totally was a different person - I mean I felt like I could say or do anything and love it! Not because I was in drag but because I was able to be me while being someone else. Like wearing a mask and getting to say and do what you want because people won't know you. lol Someday soon that confidence will return.

I really need to find that again - I was so happy with that confidence and felt so alive. I just really want to find that as the me in the here and now. And a friend I have been talking to online tonight has been very supportive in that line of thought. As have so many of my flickr friends, and I feel like I owe it not just to myself but to all of you who have stood by me to try to take more and better action to being a more and better me.

So here's to finding new motivation in life, and digging deep to find that fun, bold, brassy, classy, and alive me again!