Ok honestly - Is it just me or has the world truly become more and more dense? It seems like no matter what people just get less and less believable in their level of CRAP! Or perhaps its just arrogance run wild?

In my day to day I deal with people in different offices all over the country and it seems that on any given day more and more here lately that all I run into are dunder-heads of the 1st class. I mean I know that not everyone is privy to the same information (whole diff gripe) and that communication is key. But for some reason these people just will not allow for that communication and become just HOSTILE when you try to do the most basic of tasks.

I wish I could figure out a better way to deal with them. My problem is that I have a severely low threshold for stupidity and just do not react well to it, but couple it with arrogance and I just wanna smack someone till they realize what an ass they are being.


Is it just that we have that many people who are so out of their minds and such total loons that they have no concept of common decency or reality? There has to be a solution before this leads to more people breeding and more loon's getting out there! I mean honestly this has to be where the Republican party sprang from. It would explain so much.

/sigh... I guess all work places are like this. Just fed up today and needed to vent.