”The soul shatters a 1000 jagged aching edges all my strength used to hold onto myself so tightly to try to keep the pieces together...

Terrified of heights, looking over the edge, seeing the depths, the heart quickens, the skin tingles, the mind reels, and the soul roars in agony and fear.

The pressure inside so intense ...pushing to fly in 1000 directions...threatening to lose the me inside in a swirl of imploding, unstoppable, unfathomable destruction”

I feel like there is something brewing on the horizon in my life.

But I don't know what.

I just know it has me feeling very nervous and almost scared. But I also feel dumb for feeling like this over just an instinct...a feeling. But I haven't been able to shake that or the self-lack of faith in my own judgment now for over 2 weeks.

So if I am off and quiet or introspective/moody for a while I am sorry.

I have some other posts in mind to try to get these emotions out of me but not sure how to do them yet.