Past Due Ok so I had planned to do a video blog - guess what?! Post one was done and posted. Post two? hmmm not sure where it is yet.

Soon to Come

Ok so I do plan to do a new video post soon. Just have to ... um get in the mood I guess. Also I am hoping to get a tat done before the year is over that was born of my mind durring the last part of Sept and first part of Oct. Those who have read the previous post will know the time frame. I am anxious to see the outcome of it.

Going to hopefully finish the bathroom redecorate soon also and the dining room too. Big plans little funds.


The Latest Version of the Bathroom.

I can't decide how to deal with the under sink portion. I want to hide some of it but not everything.


What if Tuesday 11/4 the country makes the right decision to put this country back on track and back in the hands of the last party to leave this nation better off...? I can't wait!