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With the holidays upon us I think sometimes not everyone remembers that there are groups out there that do not truly prosper in these times of giving. Groups such as animal shelters and support services. Even more so with the current economic climate. With this in mind the above linked shelter has come up with some pretty cool and FREE ways for people to donate and help out.

To begin with this is a local no-kill shelter here in the Central MA area. These wonderful people are the ones that I picked up my twins from when I first moved to MA. They have been so helpful even years after. Whenever I have had questions or needed information they are always right there and always willing. The work they do is truly important. I think that an article I just read from their news letter put it best, "...a growing number of silent victims are the pets. When pet owners lose their homes, so do the pets. Many of these families end up moving in with family or into apartments that don't take pets. And this has caused the largest demand for services.."

There so many priorities for everyone these days and none are trivial in this climate. But that doesn't mean that some can be ignored. With this in mind inovation is required. To that end Check out some of these donation methods that require you to spend nothing more than you would already spend. For example - there is a link from their page that lets you search Amazon and shop from Amazon that gives the shelter donations based on your purchase and even just your searches. There are numerous other options and alternatives to shop for the items you would be getting every day anyway that will benefit this organization. For a Direct Link Click Here. Scroll down for the Amazon Search.

Warning shameless pandering for free stuff for me up next!

And in this same idea of furthering the support of the shelter if you are at a loss for things to search check out the new link at the top left of my homepage that will link you to my Gift Wish List. If you find something that you like go back through the Shelters Site and search/purchase that way to give benefit and two gifts in one!

There is also a new link that will remain on this page under the shopping section of the links on the right to take you directly to the Second Chance Animal Shelter Site to find the search links as well.

And just in case this all isn't enough for you - they have some of their very own merchandise available for purchase. In fact they have a really cute blanket that I will be picking up soon myself. Check It Out!

Happy Holidays!