Honest Scrap Award

Ok so a few weeks ago I was nominated for this Web Award thing by a friend. She really is a jewel. And So I did it. The goal was to be honest and list 10 things about yourself that others might not know. Well my list was a bit skewed, wether by mood or my own self interpretation at that moment. I think that looking at it now I see that I have that running dialog in my head all the time anyway - and grately affects how I carry on through life. 

So to meet the challenge follow up set by my friend and to prove to myself that I can do this here goes another 10 things about me that you probably never wanted to know:


1. 98% of the time I am very reliable. If it is within my power to hold up my end of a bargain or promise then it is done. At the same time I am punctual to a fault. And it drives me BATTY when life gets in the way. The other 2%? oh that? Yeah thats the times that I am the self absorbed its more about me person lol. I mean after all I am fabulous aren't I?  

2. To me friendship is one of the strongest bonds there is in this world. And to be a friend is to be willing to stand up for that friend even if it means detriment to ones self. And it pains me greatly when I don't know if that person I call friend is truly my friend and if the loyalty is earned. To my online peeps if I call you friend you fall in the FRIEND category as well. Not the "online friends" category.

3. I am a total geek! If its techy or funky I usually like it lol Though I am beyond picky when it comes to how I think things should work and therefore if someone asks me my opinion on something of this nature its usually pretty safe to say I have run it through its paces and my thoughts can be trusted. I tell people if its otherwise.

4. Brutally Honest sometimes. This has gotten me in more trouble than I care to think about from time to time. But a life of lies is no life at all. 

5. I am me. I am Gay. It's ok. That is the mantra I am trying to beat into my brain and live by. If it ever sticks things would be SO much easier lol. 

6. I tend to have a wicked sense of humor. Though not all the time. Its dry and sometimes sounds mean but not mean spirited and sneaks up when no one is looking. Not even me! I'm told I can be very funny lol. 

7. I respect people until they give me reason to do otherwise. Honest I do! Even people I loathe I have at least a basic respect for as a fellow human. Even GWB gets a basic respect card. And by that I mean... lets not talk about it. LOL

8. My goals are nearly never nefarious. Despite what society has drilled into us, and the suspicion that arises from that; when I go in and ask a question it is for face value. If I wanted to ask the other one you think Im asking without asking. I would have asked it! Again Brutal Honesty... gets me in trouble - frak me does it ever...

9. I have a dream to someday be married on a beach at sunset. And I want all my friends and family to be there to share in that joy. This is all planned out in my head. I can't wait to find the man to be my husband and spend my life with. Oh and this just in - I have thought about this for years and last week I decided that I don't want a hyphenated name, I want to take that persons name. Hyphenated names irk me. Not for any deep reason but just because its annoying to type. But the reason I want to take the other persons name is deep.

10. I actually enjoy sharing the information that so many people bottle up. There is a pleasure in letting that be known and removing the taboo. This is, I think, the reason I am drawn to blogging and the long emotional posts and flickr. It gives me a genuine outlet to commiserate with people all over. This for me is part attention whore, but a larger part of - "if everyone stays silent about the things in their life then we are all more alone". And the world is a lonely enough place on its own without our help!