So for a long time now I have expelled my literary efforts only into the blogosphere and into personal journals. But after some of my more recent posts I have been hearing more and more from friends that I should try expanding into something more.

When I was a kid I used to write little short stories and even illustrated a few.

Yep, scratch off illustrator as a career choice.

They were fun little stories and as I remember a few were mysteries. I, for the life of me, don't know what ever went with my little mini books. But they were always fun to me.

So after some time contemplating and trying to tell myself it was crazy - I have actually decided to try my hand at writing a novel. My first and hopefully not my last.

After only having completed the Intro and the 1st day of the story I am absolutely amazed at how exciting and how scary a task this is.

I find myself sitting lost in though over possible directions to take the story, dialogs to write and re-write, edit and parse.

And then I remember, "hey dumbass your driving, stay on THIS planet."

I don't think even after reading as much as I have over the years, just how much effort and soul sucking energy is required in building up a world in the minds eye. So far I have been able to write for a good clip at about 1 to 2 hours before I have to step back. Which is then followed up with at least an hours review and modification to make it all flow better. And then I dive in again for the next.

The pure excitement I get at just wondering where i can take the reader is rather exhilarating. It makes me wish I had more time in the weeks to devote to this project. But I suppose one does have to pay the bills in the mean time.

So what is the story about? hmm I have the ideas and the general table laid, but where it actually goes, yeah your going to have to wait because this is all just happening a word at a time.

Maybe with a little luck and a lot of work I can get this story into a shape that could possibly be published some day. Anyone know someone at Del Rey or Random House?

Oh and I am really going to need a patient editor and battle tested proof reader... wow I shock even me!  lol