I think that all to few times in life we see things that we know are supposed to be art. That was their intention when created. Whether the creation was intended to make money or reach the audience is a different matter.

To me it is very evident when the art is created because it has to come OUT of the artist. You hear the phrase "it is like giving birth" sometimes, and I think that is very true. Because to keep these things in is wrong, dangerous, and bad for not just the artist-but society as a whole.

There are only a handful of songs out there that truly reach inside of me, grab me by the scruff of the soul and RIP the emotions out of me. I don't fully understand the emotions that come with this even still. But there is something so powerful in this music that I simply can't not listen to it. Sometimes over and over. And each time, not always the same spot, I will get the uncontrollable shudder, the tears that spring from not my eyes but my soul, a flood of emotion trying to break the surface. Its a scary feeling, but a liberating one as well.

This particular song, Hallelujah by Rufus Wainwright, is one of those songs. I have known it and listened to it for years now and every time it just reaches in - as if to go to my existence in a totally different realm, pull those emotions through and let me feel them completely openly and honestly. Like each version of me affects this me but that I, we, never fully notice or realize it, except in these rare moments.

This piece has some religious overtones to it, and while I am not overly religious at this point in my life, I do still think there are some lessons and ideas we can take away, as with any litterature, and interpert. But in addition I think this song speaks to also the desire to love, the desire and need for that feeling of oneness with someone, the internal struggles we see and experience in life and society even today.

So my request to you is this. Take a moment, weed out all the manufactured art. Think about what TRULY touches you in life, what reaches inside of you makes you experience life in such an intense way, even if only for a split second, and then think about that. Explore it. And while you do that, listen to this song - read the words with an open mind to what they can represent to you. Close your eyes if you feel it, let the song and story carry you. Take down the walls, and open your soul.