So in an effort to revitalize and actually blog correctly like a proper person I am going to attempt to publish more often here - albeit shorter posts. With occasional marathon postings to stay true lol

What I plan is to take what has become my tendency for longer multi tweets on twitter and turn them into truly full thoughts and place them here along with more pictures and maybe even some videos from time to time. And in turn return my twitter to more simplistic fun infobits.

I was thrilled to find that Wordpress has integrated not only auto twitter publicity functions but twitter feed widgets. I am so very very thrilled and it now feels complete.

Tie this with the auto updates of my FaceBook and maybe MAYBE I will be able to keep up with things better.

So here's to a fresh start and a rebalance of my internet social life. See you all on twitter, facebook, flickr, and of course here! Hmmm Did I mention YouTube? no matter.

Annnnnd.... go!