My first adventure with the RedBox system was good .... at first.

Got the movies wicked easy - got them home and enjoyed them. Then came the return adventure.

When I went back to the same pickup location the contraption would suck in the DVD and say processing (all labels and barcodes and cases were correct) and then just spit it back out with a random error of could not complete. Irritating but OK. So off I went to the next nearest one at the WalGreens about a half mile away - REDBOX FULL!

With a quick side trip to the dark side of town (huge power outage) to pick up the laundry, in the quietest Laundromat ever seen, I was off for a 2 mile drive across town to the next RedBox.

Success - sort of... All 3 dvd's went in and were accepted just peachy. I got home and promptly had receipt emails confirming the return.....for 2 of them. (insert grumble here)

I attempted to call REDBOX to confirm the dvd was marked as received however the # just rings as all circuits busy, something confirmed as a common issue via the lovely world of the internets... This left me with the only option of sending an email for resolution (I also plastered the issue across their FaceBook profile page... Now we sit and wait...

So as I sit here now preparing to watch "Empire Strikes Back" and "Return of the Jedi" with Mom (both from my private collection) and listen to Mom starting her packing for her trip home tomorrow I wonder... is RedBox worth it? And was it because the DVD was District 9 that its being excluded from the rest?

**UPDATE: I was finally able to get someone on the phone today - albeit after 20 minutes hold time. Thats one way to kill time while traveling. Anywhozles they DID get the 3rd dvd, the system just didn't send me the confirmation email for some bizarre reason... sigh oh well all's well that ends well.