It's astounding how long it can take for the events we want and look forward to in our lives to happen. The anticipation of arrival or departure. And even more shocking how little time it takes for those events to pass us by.

Today is my Mom's last day visiting here with me for the winter. Soon we will be heading down the road and she will be off in the air headed back to TN. And I will be headed back here to an apartment that always feels so much emptier when the people I love that have visited are gone.

It has been a wonderful trip, we traveled into Boston for the Boston Holiday Pops concert at Symphony Hall, we enjoyed the movies (Avatar-IMAX3D, Up In The Air, Sherlock Holmes, Avatar 3D), visited with local friends of mine for the holidays, re-watched the entire Star Wars saga, spent whole days  in our pj's watching tv just being together, and various other activities around town.

And in all that time it kept feeling like "this is great, and we have so much time left", until there was no time left...

I am always grateful for these trips and the time we get to spend together. I just wish I had a way to slow time down a bit. I mean honestly, where's the Doctor when you need him??

Did anyone else see that ending? omg! I cried!...sorry different blog post.

I hope that my mother had a great trip and enjoyed herself as much as I did. I can't wait for the next visit!

And now that she is up its time to go put away the sofa bed and get ready to head out the door...