I am sitting here tonight feeling a bit queasy, and contemplating my return to work. It was a great span of time off and I got to spend it with my Mother which was fantastic. And I am really missing her a lot right now, I am also looking forward to being back in my routine and being back to work.

BUT... Im sure my appreciation for being back at work will not last long. I have already heard from friends and boss that we have lost some access in our office, and that my PC specifically is gone for something and will not be back till Tuesday, which means my entire first week back will be spent going to random machines and setting up, and carrying my ergo keyboard with me... sounds like fun doesn't it...? My OCD issues aside, not being able to just walk into my stuff the way it was left, its going to be interesting in our small office with so many people and being down a machine.

Maybe this will be good for me?

On the upside I do have a job to return to, and things still appear as secure as when I left, and thats no small measure of success right there...

I've spent this last day of my extended vacation watching GHI and Ghost Hunters, hoping to get through some of my other recorded stuff before bed also, but mostly just trying to readjust to what now feels like such a large empty space. It's amazing how big and empty a 1 bedroom apartment can feel after having shared it with such a wonderful person for 3 full weeks.

Getting back to my routine I think will be very good for me in this instance because right now I am seriously fighting the urge to take off on a road trip to TN just for a 3 days, and I really need to not spend the money and instead wait for when I can spend more time there.

In the mean time - back to work Friday, on Tuesday I will be headed in to Boston to see one of my all time fave comedians preform, Eddie Izzard. I really can't wait - since I have been wanting to see him live now for a little over probably 6 years. After that I get to go to the doc's office the next morning and have blood drawn while fasting (oh boy! I hate fasting i get so flippin shaky and can't even sleep).

To round out the weekend (Tues-Thurs) I will be getting an estimate and hopefully scheduling a truck mod to move the whole driver seat back about 5 or 6 inches, and then getting the last of the audio upgrades completed. Nothing super magnificent but I am looking forward to it and hopefully will be really happy with the results.

So for now.... back to the TV to finish the DVR round up and then off to bed so that I can be bright eyed and moderately less bitchy for work tomorrow lol...