A few years ago just after I had moved here to MA, I was dealing with the effects of depression and being so far far away from all of my family and friends for the first time in my life. I was waiting in line one night in the drive through and made use of the tail lights from the car ahead of me and my camera on a timer and came up with this shot:

And the subsequent post that is attached to the above pic was created. Click the image to see the original post, and my ramblings that went with it.

At any rate, I had the image and subsequent musings posted for some time and out of the blue I was contacted by Sep Kamvar and Johnathan Harris requesting the rights to use the image and part of the post commercially. At first I spent a great deal of time thinking about if I wanted to share it in that manner as even until just now the post has been a private one on my Pictures Page.

After some time I decided I would share it but request that my name and location not be published (I rather regret that requirement somewhat now).

A few months later I received another email with legal forms to fill out to formally provide the copy rights to the authors for their use. Still somewhat skeptical that this was actually happening I didn't want to give them my current accurate address so I gave them one from my past that I could still obtain from if I needed to and it was legit.

Several months go by... and I totally forgot about the whole thing. And then one day just before my Mother is set to come visit she tells me I have a package from Barnes and Noble. We were both very confused to say the least, her because of where it shipped to, and me because well I hadn't ordered a bloody thing!

So I had her open it to see what it was, and even with the Book title I was stumped... for about a day... and then it happened... it all clicked.. I called and told her to go digging through it and see if there was a pic of me done in black and red, sure enough there it was. They had actually been legit and the book was made!

And on page 48 you will find the entry with my image and a short snip of my post, attributed to "A Man".

And that ladies and gents is how I was published not only for my photography but for my neurosis lol...

It really is an interesting little book. Worth giving it a look.

In case you are wondering this post is all for the pride of having been recognized for something, I don't get a dime from any of the sales of the book so buy it or don't but still just take a look lol... I think its worth a read through and maybe even a purchase if your so inclined.