Today I am so very thankful for the little things. Waking up on time, a reliable truck, quick drive to work, a comfortable temperature in the office, and a good parking spot.

I am thankful for the wonderful people I work with. They have such a great sense of humor, and caring to them. And a genuine interest in others well being.

Any one of these things might seem pretty small on their own with all that we see and do in a given day. But if we stop just long enough to see all the little good things that make up our day then it's easy to see how good things can be even on our worst day.

It's all in having that appreciation for the parts of the whole and not just on the big events we may or may not have any control over.

Stopping to smell the roses? Well maybe but not even that much effort is required. Just a quick mental shift and recognition of those good things always around us in a million tiny ways every day.

Today I am thankful for all the parts of the whole of this good day in it's major and minor ways.

Thanks Ma' Universe you and the energies all around us did a wonderfully balanced job today!