These are just a very few of the words that could be used to describe the triumph that is the comedic genius of Eddie Izzard!

If you haven't heard of him - or haven't seen any of his comedy, do yourself a favor and RUN to the nearest youtube page bit torrent or better yet DVD store and buy up ALL of his specials. This man is without a doubt the most original and brilliant comedian I have seen to date. His unique style and flow are startling in their cleverness and his ability to sift through all the crap in the world for a clear picture that makes sense and makes you laugh is just astounding!

Tonight I got to fulfill a long-time desire to see Mr Izzard preform live. He was at the Boston TD Bank North Garden Arena. And let me just say - he can fill the seats! granted they didn't have need of the balconies but that was all the better that those of us that were seated there were given free upgrades to better/closer seats.

So do yourself a favor - Click Here, find his nearest event to you (US dates, UK dates avail on the site elsewhere) and GO!