So I had planned to talk about why I was going for blood-work and all that fun stuff today - BUT! Good news has leaped into my life.

There are days when we will look at our lives and count the people in it. In those days and moments we can see the people who matter the most to us, who bring us down, who add stress and turmoil for no good reason, and the people we are missing from our lives all together.

In the last month or so the universe seems to be trying to accomplish something very good, very specific, and very big for me and a close friend. I have been reticent to discuss it because I'm afraid I'm wrong and or that something will happen to prevent it. However, I have to share.

Since the start of the year the apartment below me has come available, they have started hiring at my office, and my best friend has opened herself to the idea of moving from TN to MA for work, a fresh start, and hopefully to be near me too lol... And today I got the news that a potential obstacle has been removed as well. I can't go into those details - lets just say its a good thing!

To that note, the people that try to bring us down and who like to bring unwarranted stress and turmoil... Well I have had the good fortune to be placed right where I was supposed to be, and the individual placed in a more suitable and distant location. I rarely will smile at what could be perceived as misfortune but suffice to say everyone still has a job, some are just in different positions. And the arrangement couldn't be more pleasing to me.

And finally when I take that moment and look at the people in my life, the one that stands out is the one that is not there yet... By and large I have come to accept that there will likely never be someone standing in that position. And acceptance of this has lead to some measure of solace. However there are the moments in life where I truly wish that I had the privilege and joy of a loving man standing by me who loves me for me and is there to share in my joy, my sorrow; and who would let me share in his.  This may never happen..And I'm getting ok with that, becoming more self sufficient emotionally aside from life needs.

All of these things just lead me back to those who are in my life - who make it greater, richer, and worthwhile. My family and my close true friends. There truly are not enough people in the world like them, and to see their joy's and triumphs and be able to share in them, is a magnificent gift of life. It really is amazing what can transpire when you stop fighting the "current" and just flow with the energy of life. I've a long way to go before I reach a true peace in that flow but I'm getting there, a little each day. And the only way I succeed is with the love and support of these marvelous people in my life.

So to those who support me and love me - thank you, I love you too. You mean more to me than you could possibly know.

To those that would tear me down, and inflict stress and negativity into my life, thank you for showing me the contrast and helping me to appreciate those who are truly there for the positive in my life, I wish you well in your endeavors and hope you have every joy. However, I also hope that it doesn't involve me...

And to the one who does not exist yet... If our stars should ever cross and our lives ever meet, I hope that you will cherish every blissful moment and appreciate the grandeur and luck of it all, and that you never tire of my awe for you.

And to anyone in between or lost in the currents fighting for what you want instead of what you need.. I wish you peace, joy, and the wisdom to see your path and follow it fully.


p.s. The original post that was supposed to happen here WILL happen, but likely not till next week. Stay tuned.. lol