We all have them. For some of us its watching and ENJOYING "Cops" or "Jerry Springer" ... for others its foods they shouldn't have... and still yet for others its enjoying music from times and styles that dates us/ages us/or otherwise is not "cool" anymore.

Most know that I am very much musically unstable, however one of my very often guilty pleasures is that of 80's soft rock/pop. ala Joe Cocker, Amy Grant, Genesis, Phil Collins, Lionel Richie, and even Hall and Oats...

It reminds me of riding around in the car with my mother and or father when I was a kid. It's one of those rare non-specific wonderful memories of life. Riding to pick up trees to plant around our house, back and forth to school and church, going to the grocery store, or just off to visit family. We listened to 98.5 WTFM from Kingsport TN. Granted the station has changed over the years as the decades have passed us by, but for me I will always remember the music from those rides.

The joy of just being close to my parents no matter what we were doing. And even getting to sit in on the morning broadcast of Dave and Jody that I grew up with, well Jody anyway - she had a few different cohosts over the years. I wonder if she is still there?

Sometimes I think we get caught up in the latest and greatest and don't want to think to much about the things that make us feel old because of the year attached to it. But more and more I hear these things and I can close my eyes and I'm a kid again riding in the back seat of our ginormous white Pontiac Bonneville with the maroon interior.

Back when, before I grew up, things were simpler. At least from my point of view. Familial relationships were as strong as ever and unhindered by differences in belief's or the distance of time and space.

So many people have the soundtrack to their years in high school or college that they remember or cling to. But while the 90's were fun, the music just didn't have the same impact to me. I think largely because I didn't know what I liked and kept trying to find that one section I fit in. When I was younger it was just whatever was on the radio - and I still love those songs.

Now though I am quiet content with picking and choosing from various genre's and appreciating the variation in them all. Well except bluegrass and most rap lol... I just have issues with those two.. sigh...

Oh and my adult started guilty pleasure?

Ben & Jerry's Cinnamon Bun ice cream... om nom nom nom....

What are YOUR guilty pleasures?