Today was a wonderfully peaceful day. I wish we had more days like that. From my shift start, to stop, all was peaceful and calm. Sometimes I wonder how I got so lucky, then the rough days come around and I remember that all things come with a balance. Life's little reminder that everything requires a repayment of energy or effort or whatever you want to call it.

Even in taxes there is a balance required. This year I worked a LOT of Over Time. to the tune of what looks like a little over 9 grand worth in OT, where that money is now, I'll never know... And I was hoping that my taxes this year would be much the same as in years past but instead its looking like 700 less on my return which is a problem since that was going to pay off a huge part of my debt. Sigh... of course this is all based on just guesstimates since I don't have my actual W-2 yet.. But I can't imagine it changing much.

BTW, who knew "guesstimates" was actually in the spell check dictionary? Sweet!

So its a refund at least - however slight. And I will just have to hope that the final numbers look better and that if they don't... well then hopefully I am able to figure something out.

It's all in the balance... The OT gave me more money then, but less money now. The good peaceful days are matched with the insane crazy busy irritating days. The daylight with the darkness, and life with death.

All around us are examples of balance, and illustrations of what happens when imbalance takes place: crap music, deficits, wars, hatred, illness, and strife.

The most one can hope for in life is to come as close to balancing yourself as is possible. Your love and happiness, with equal parts work and effort. Your self time and time spent on those around you. Saving now for the future, and hoping in times of despair.

Life works out - even if its not the way we WANT it too, its just a matter of acceptance and persistence in meeting the goals with the balance required in life. And remembering these facts. Without them it can all run away and drag us along.

And now to the balance of wakefulness I add the balance of sleep.