Tonight I got to try out the truck in some real slush-tastic snowy non-plowed roads.  And I must say that Ridge preformed far and above my expectations. The only weirdness is I had this vibration or baseball card in spokes kinda sound when I came off the hwy from the drive home. Not sure if its something to worry about yet.

Truck is home safe and sound and trudged through the snow like a champ. Such a liberating feeling to be able to just go and not wait for it to slide around out from under ya. Now as long as that sound isn't something. sigh... I HATE mystery sounds lol.

Now as for the snow... So many people are down on snow - and that honestly really surprises me. I mean the beauty and wonder that it brings. The change of an urban landscape or country landscape into something so totally different and ethereal. I mean I get the whole pain of shoveling and cleaning off the car, but that is such a small part of it. Maybe I just haven't lived in snow long enough but it to me is one of Mother Nature's most wonderful little transformations.

Being the almost end of my week now the fatigue is starting to happen a bit so this is gonna be a short one.

Tomorrow I hope to hear some news on the status of possible relocation for my friend. And hopefully good news. So I am going to go and rest - and ask the universe to take care of things. Let the truck not be an issue, let the taxes settle in the needed manner, and let things please work out so that I can be reunited with my good good friend.