Last week I mentioned a post that would take place later. Well it's later. And that missing post is rolling into this one as well.

That's right folks your getting not one but TWO blog posts for the same low low price! Act now before it's... wait... sorry... right, moving on...

So last Wednesday I went in to my primary care Doc' to have a bunch of blood work done. For which I had to be fasting and all that fun stuff. That trip was in preparation for today's visit to the surgical weight loss center intake appointment.

I am finally taking some meaningful steps towards hopefully getting my surgery approved and going. (Most Likely Gastric Bypass.)

Today was part 1 of a 3 part intake setup. I met with the lead surgeon of the department and he went over my medical history and what has worked for me in the past as well as the steps I have taken in the past.

Given my past success and acknowledgment of what has lead me to this point in life, he felt that I could have some really good success with the surgical path. Citing that I have shown I can change my eating habits in a meaningful and successful way. That despite the back sliding that these are good signs. And that surgery is there to help prevent the backslide, and to help place physical limitations that "keep us honest" with ourselves. A method of physical behavioral modification so to speak.

The next steps will be to meet with Part 2: the Behaviorist, and then Part 3: the Nutritionist. I will also need to attend some group meetings for those who are considering surgery, have had surgery recently, and have had it done for an extended period of time.

Also I've got to start working with the office to try and get my insurance to cover me in some form or another. Tomorrow my job is to call and request written information and any possible exceptions that could be used. We will also be exploring any state assistance options as well as financing options.

So today was a positive day, and hopefully one full of new potential for improvement in my life. Right now we just have to hope that things work out as needed.

So I would like to ask for everyone's prayers, positive energy, and good thoughts to help send things along in the best possible direction. I can never express just how thankful I am for all the supportive friends and family I have around me both online and in person.

Oh and good news on the previous Taxes post: the numbers came in much improved with the W-2 form. So my goal of knocking my debt in half is well under way! Can we say Sah-weet!?!?! hehe