The evolution of man has seen some interesting moments, and philosophies for explaining the unknown that have been around since the cave men..and BEYOND... //queue the mystical retrospective flashback music//

As a species we seek to rationalize anything we do not understand. Whether that's giving a familiar name/shape to the mystical that guides our lives, or the natural that is a part of the ecosystem of our home.

And often times the two collide.

Lightning... in the beginning the animals ran in fear of the bright fire from the sky.

Early man believed it to be "magic" and would move to shelter of caves etc to hide from the bad "magic". (ok maybe not literal magic but you know what I mean)

Flash forward a few thousand years... OK a lot thousand years...The ancient Greeks then Romans believed in Zues and his sitting high atop Mount Olympus, (No, not the digital camera plant of yore) and would send down the lightning bolts as vengeance. A logical way to look at things when you don't understand the science behind the cause. Or in this case may not even HAVE the science to explain it.

Jump ahead again to the Dark Ages, where there were omens and signs abound, the church often making use of these beliefs to help solidify its power in times of free thinking after such distance from the deification of its greatest martyr. Again lightning is attributed to God or "A" god with vengeful motives. Ala the stories of Noah and his famed Arc.

Come ahead again... guess where...give up? Present day.

We now have the science and the widespread understanding of what causes a storm, the conditions and what leads to the lightning. Its nothing more than a cause and effect of various energy and physical conditions. But still we look for motives...

Katrina: punishment for heathenish activity.

Tsunami: punishment for lack of belief in the one true God of Christianity.

Earth Quakes: punishment for pacts made with the devil for freedom from tyranny.

Just a few of the things espoused by supposed moral leaders of our time and their claim to fame is Religion and a direct line to who? You guessed it..

So even after all these years we are still seeking to understand why tragedy's happen, disasters, and loss of life.Because surely there must be a reason, an explanation to the loss of life. I would venture it is a matter of balance in the world and these horrific events, sad as they may be, are not the work of some mystical force looking to take out its' anger after a bad day... And of course we should do all that we can to help the survivors of these events, because it is the right thing to do!

I believe that there is a guiding force in this world, I don't happen to subscribe to the one all seeing god theory, or multiple gods for that matter. To think this is the only existence of life is a bit naive. And to claim to have all the answers that can not be questioned is worse so.

So what I am saying is this - don't be afraid to seek out answers to questions, don't be afraid to question the answers. We are evolving all the time and our ability to interpret and understand is virtually limitless given the power and energy around us. Scientists have proven we are only using a fraction of our brains even this far into our existence, imagine us in a few more thousand years...

Don't be afraid to question the lightning, don't be afraid to step outside the box of predetermined belief's in life just because its hard to comprehend a broader plane, don't be afraid to expand your horizons - you never know what you might find out by that lightning strike in the distance.

Who knows.. maybe its really lizard people hiding on Pluto angry over having their status as a planet taken away... We've all been wrong about a great many things before, and likely will continue to be again and again for a long time to come...

And of course... the point or motivation of this post? I'm not really sure, but that's OK.. I don't need to know right now.