Its the year 2010, the internet has been around, we have DVR's for instant viewing, a plethora of choices for mobile audio so we aren't beholden to the airwaves, and don't even have to leave our homes to shop anymore. But have we forgotten how to appreciate the wonders of discovery?

10 or 15 years ago if you had told the average person they would be watching more and more television on their computers and that they would be managing their financial lives, and many other such aspects, on a computer I think a large portion of people would have looked at you like you had a 3 ear and were made of cheese. But now look... If we don't know something we just do a quick search - from our phones. If we need a hard to find item, we go searching online and in less than an hour can have found and ordered the item and never even had to get dressed.

We can even meet new and wonderful people all across the globe. We are all so much more interconnected. More than we have ever been before - and still I fear we take it for granted when we discover these new aspects in our lives. We have gotten used to things on demand on our schedule. And when it doesn't happen that way... well heaven help the soul responsible. I know I'm guilty of this.

But more and more as of late I find myself taking a step back and really looking at what is present in my life, and more and more it just leaves me awe struck.

I can order my months worth of groceries from my iPod, Can message friends across the country/world from my phone - and search the internet for any destination and plug it into my GPS and poof I'm there with out any hassle.

I don't even have to be at my home to watch MY tv and the things I have recorded.

I am able to connect with a myriad of wonderful and vibrant people and expand my horizons and understanding of the people and world around me with largely minimal effort. And when you truly sit and think about that and then look back to 20 years ago or 10 years ago... It's actually quiet startling.

The level of access and discovery has never been available to more people and we've still a long way to go.

I for one think this is a very cool ride, and am grateful to be blessed to be around to see this journey of our culture and lives as a planet. It just says to me that even amidst all the negative and hate in the world there is a force for knowledge out there and knowledge is freedom. Freedom to discover and appreciate the different not fear it.

Life is really cool when you stop to appreciate the mundane in our lives and realize just how extraordinary it really is.