...and another work week. Today saw high winds, heavy rains, urban flooding, and the completion of another week at work for me.

The storm blew in pretty quickly actually and left a lovely lake just before our office. I watched a guy in a newer cadi drive full barrel into it and just saw a wall of water go up and crash back down on top of the car. But somehow he made it through...Now me in my truck... nu'uh.. I was not even about to try that. I could have likely made it just slow and steady to keep the water out of the engine but nope.. So around through a parking lot and over a curb I went. Safe and Sound.

Someday the city is going to have to fix the drainage issues at that spot once and for all.. its just pitiful..  C'MON WORCESTER PUBLIC WORKS DEPT!

Aside from a bit of good sleeping weather, I had a wonderful night at work. It was steady and in good company. Nothing went crazy, only a few less than intelligent questions asked, and only mildly insulted as a department. All in all, a good day.

I also had a long and satisfying conversation with my supervisor in my weekly coaching that just solidified to me how grateful I am to have a boss like him. It's nice to be in a working environment where I'm in sync with my supervisor, and that even when we do differ on an opinion its not a point of contention, but a point of discussion and understanding, with full mutual respect. Just refreshing on so many levels.

This week should be a wonderfully relaxed 3 days off. Wednesday being the only day of concern since they are going to be testing the fire alarms ALL DAY FROM 8a-5p! blah... Going to try to find a reason to leave the place for a few hours just to get away from it. Other than that, there may be a trip to see Avatar for a 3rd time... I am thinking VERY seriously about it hehe..

Oh and my wonderful Fed tax return should be in on Thursday! Too bad its all spoken for, but ya know what? Its great that I have it and will have officially paid off a huge portion of my debt, and be well on my way to having knocked out another portion!

Nothing super exciting tonight. Just a bit of TV and meditation before bed. It relaxes me and helps me to make sure I am focused where and on what I need to be. And also allows me a bit of time to focus the energies towards those I care about.

So ta' for now..