First off, the State Of The Union was very interesting indeed. From the presidents ability to be serious and sincere while maintaining a bit of good humor, to his unabashed determination to drive this nation forward by confronting ALL obstacles; be they legislative or personalities in that legislative body. Again he renewed his call for another step in true equality for all by the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell. A bill that to this day still saddens me that it was ever passed. (Shame on you President Clinton.)

A focus brought to bare on jobs creation and support. And the strength of conviction to not see the much needed health reforms fail.

Not only did the president accept credit for his short falls but he admitted his part in them, and promised to do better. Imagine that, a leader that is willing to be honest with the people and admit mistakes... shocking I know.

This is not a president who will be deterred by setbacks. Not when the issues are so vital to our countries well being and future.

The GOP would have us believe he has taken on too much at once. I say they are simply upset that they are being forced to answer so many hard questions at one time, and that their inability to do so without looking largely like corporate shills is embarrassing when shown in such conglomerated light. (Think classic horror flick monsters cringing away from the light while gnashing their teeth and lashing out pointlessly at the light source.)

These are issues that can no longer wait. Issues that have been put off for far far too many years, and now we are at a point where it must be dealt with all at once. Further delay just isn't possible.

I truly hope that this reset on the national stage will allow both sides to take a fresh breath and open up to the needs of this country. I fear I hope for to much.

Well done Mr President. And thank you for your unabashed strength and conviction, thank you for your humility, thank you for taking the hard tasks, thank you for admitting that you don't know it all. Thank you for being what I had hoped for in a president. (Even if I DON'T agree with all of your policies. Thats what makes this whole thing great though right? Ability to appreciate compromise.)

Thank you for having the strength of character to fight for the citizens of this nation and not sit in the pocket of corporations or special interests, even when unpopular. Its nice to have a president of the people and for the people again, instead of "President of the USA LLC."

And then... there's the iPad...


Now I am a self admitted Apple Fanboy... I love nearly everything that Steve Jobs throws at me. The form, function, style, and design. The strength of quality and value of products that just plain work correctly and in a fun way.

But the iPad?


I mean its cute and all - but what's the point? I HAVE a laptop. I love my iPod Touch. A netbook entry/killer? Maybe but still... why?

Maybe I'm getting older and loosing some appreciation for the next shiny thing but I'm pretty sure thats not it.

And STILL no flash support?!? Thats bullshit.. how are you going to make a device and tout such media functions and mobile access and all that and STILL not have flash support.. C'mon! You and Adobe need to get over this pissing match, pay the money and just deal with it for fricks sake. No one cares who's is bigger anymore on this one. I'm not entirely sure we cared to begin with....

I do love the idea of the whole book store thing. Open that up for the ipod and iphone won't you please? As for competing with the Kindle... I'm going to need to see this "paper imitation" you are talking about, because short of eInk in the iPad I don't see anything being as easy on my eyes as the Kindle.

I love how you were all about "you can change the font size!" Like thats some big accomplishment. "Yeah the kindle did that the first go'round, and computers have been able to do that for, well, ever... Its not the font size that kills the eyes (well not totally) its the screen!"

And add to that MORE partnership with AT&T?!?!?! What tha frak are you thinking?!?!? Haven't you learned anything from their buckling data coverage under the strain of just the iPhones in the major markets?

And NO announcement on the liberation of the iPhone from the shackles of AT&T either... that is just sad...

I really really really really want an iPhone. And come August I may finally bite the bullet and do it. But its going to be a tough decision.

And lastly... "iPad" ... really?! There wasn't one better idea out there anywhere? I know these are serious times we live in but surely even you guys still have some bit of appreciation for the sophomoric humor in this world. It could be the coolest most end all device on the planet, and if I owned one? I'd still call it a TABLET!

So final thoughts?

Steve... dear sweet, wonderfully evil Steve, I fear you pulled a Cheney here.. You were aiming one way and managed to go all cockeyed and shot your friend in the face. Perhaps we should focus a bit more on the 4G iPhone and partnerships with Verizon for creation and tech standards in that field? And less on the iPad inanity, unless there's an option to add wings later on?

All of this having been said... I will still look at it again in time, and at actual release plus future versions. And as an active fanboy, I do hereby reserve the right to reverse my derision and express my love for said TABLET at a future date should the evidence change and or create a valid reason for this. (please give me a valid reason... sigh)