Very often the most that we can hope for is to find common ground on which to relate to one another. A sort of compromise of personalities. Most of us consider this settling for agreement rather than argue to division.

Sometimes however, finding common ground can be a glorious thing.

When we feel we are alone, or that there is no possible way anyone could fully appreciate our opinions on a topic. When we feel isolated by what seems like the scarcity of belief's. Or even when we just have wonderful moments in our lives that we want to share. Finding common ground in these cases can be and often are a wonderful gift of life.

I have been very blessed with open minded people all around me. I have also been blessed with those that are less than open minded on some things. I say blessed because without them I would not be able to contrast the differences, and life would also just be too blasted boring if everyone agreed with me all the time...

Today I discovered that in a friend I already had, we had more common ground than I think either of us realized. I hope that we can continue to discuss things and to explore the wonders of not being alone in a belief.

For myself, even with the people that I have confided fully in, and those that have read my blog and probably walked away shaking their head, it's not quiet the same as discovering someone who has very similar beliefs, instead of just accepting/respecting mine.

I am lucky to have a mother who is very open minded and accepting even when we may not see eye to eye on some things. I am grateful for a best friend who in many ways is the polar opposite of myself, but in so many other ways is the mirror image.

I am grateful for a father who, while more set in his belief's, is open enough to still accept me even though we do not agree on some things. He helps me to better explore what it is I truly believe, and to be able to search out what is truth to me, in a manner that I cannot so much defend myself, but explain myself with conviction.

I am grateful for the family friends who understand there are different truth's for different people, different understandings, and that it's OK. And I am grateful for the continued discovery of new connections in old friends.

It helps to give hope that even in my circle of friends we can become closer - and that there are other people as daft as myself out there whom I do hope to someday meet.

There is so much I want to explore and to learn, and Ma' Universe willing, I hope to meet the guides sooner rather than later that can help me to learn how to better focus and come closer to my goals.