Ok so I'm trying to stay positive and keep telling myself that there is plenty of time left for snow... But these blessed few short months are zipping by.

It seems that more snow than in recent memory is falling in my hometown, in amounts that only happened once or twice in nearly 20 years. To the East of me there is SNOW by the mountain full... to the west there is snow... And to the north.. but not here!!!

Am I asking so much to get one huge unbelievable snow (on an off day)? Or heck make it a work day that turns into an off day. Its that weird thing in me that never got satisfied when I was a kid always wishing for a snow day, the snow days that never happened.

Ok I'm done whining for now.

Tonight was a good night. It was busy but not maddeningly so. There were issues but none that could be helped, and thus must be accepted. There were trials of my patience when dealing with those who feel they are above the rules and or guidelines, but I feel I handled myself appropriately - despite how much I wanted to let loose and remind them what a willfully ignorant ass they were being.

Tonight was a good night. I am home safe and sound in a nice warm home with kitties who love me, and food cooking away. And now I shall go enjoy my food and a bit of Legend Of The Seeker...

BTW the Omnia battery life rumors are true! WoW!