We spend so much of our lives trying to accomplish things. We want to reach a goal, to achieve something great in our eyes and to be a success in the eyes of those around us.

Sometimes these goals involve being a champion in our field of study or work. Other times its being a hero to someone in our lives.

Very often we don’t even realize these aspirations exist, but they are there. In our love and adoration of hero’s in the entertainment we enjoy, to the real life hero’s we lift up from all walks of life around us. They become a shining goal of what we wish we could accomplish. What we feel we SHOULD accomplish.

It’s by these goals that we judge ourselves and our lives. And while these are admirable achievements to strive for, they discount the very valid successes in our everyday lives.

Not every hero ran through a hail of bullets or laser blasts to save the day. Not every champion sprinted across the finish line or bested their opponent in the match of the century. No, there are champions all around us every day in every way. We just forget what life would be like without these souls lifting us up each day without being asked, without being thanked. In each life comes a time where there is question if we really matter, is there a purpose to all of this, what if we never achieve that idea of greatness that has been planted in our heads??

*For me the definition of a champion is someone who brings about the most positive, and successful outcome of a situation.

If we look at life in that way we can find champions all around us. In our best friends who lift us up when we are discouraged or have hit a rough spot in life. In our family who helped to shape us for survival in a world that so often is filled with enough negativity to make a gundark think twice. You can even find champions in the most informal of relationships among, coworkers, public servants, the person who held the door for you, or even the man/woman down the street who wave hello when you go by.

All of these people are putting positive energies into the world, influencing the world around them for the best possible outcome. These can all be very small things. Small things done without conscious thought toward a goal, perhaps just doing what they feel is the right thing. But the efforts of such actions improve the world around themselves and those they come in contact with. In each way they are striving to make the best possible outcome of an interaction, situation, or stage of life.

These people are no less champions than anyone else, they are just champions of a different sort, the broadest sort; the kind of champions that influence every life around them in the smallest of ways that can have the largest of impacts.

We still have our sports heroes, our battle heroes, the champions of major events from sporting to political to social. And all of these individuals would never have gotten to where they are without the support of the people around them pushing them in a positive direction.

When I start to wonder what is the point of it all, why am I here.. truly.. what’s the point? And I can’t seem to draw in on the positive energies around me, and am left to feel like I am lost in a storm cloud…

In times like that is when I reach out the most for the positive people in my life, the champions of my life, who help me to see the merit and value in the world when I am lost in a sea of negativity. I look to my hero’s in my friends and family who are ALWAYS there for me when I need them the most.

To my family, to the friends in my life who are so much more family than you will know, and to the casual kind hearted souls who just share a smile, you are all my hero.

For the thousand and one little things you all do, Thank You.