Headed to bed early tonight after what proved to be a satisfying night to me. There was good work done, good humor shared, and positive energy in the air for the vast majority of the night.

At one point I sought out the Universe to send me a bit of energy to help deal with those who would drain away my patience and tolerance. And the Universe answered abundantly.

And so now I am headed to bed early to get up even earlier and head off to NH for my "Quarterly Adjustment". Going to see my therapist Sandy, who works out of a nice tattoo shop up in Salem.

She is going to be doing some touchup/rework on an existing tattoo so no new patterns or pieces this time around, much  to my disappointment. But soon enough I will get back in the chair for something new.

I am looking forward to having the work done for a few reasons - one is the renewed sense of control and balance that being inked brings to me. The release of the endorphins does wonders to clean out the cobwebs of life. And two, to get the piece settled out once and for all.

Now the main goal will be to not snore lol... I still think its weird that I can sleep through being inked... But I am grateful for it too. It means I have developed effective skills at compartmentalizing what needs to be dealt with and processing what is there in a positive and effective manner, letting the energy recharge me, rather than drain me.

Afterwards will be a quick trip to weigh in for the week and probably a stop at the store for cat food. Then its home for a long nap to let the world settle around me again. And to just enjoy the impending snow (however slight), and peace of home. Hoping to do a fair amount of reading and to start a video game finally.

Night for now... C-ya in the later A.M.


*UPDATE: Quarterly Adjustment - postponed. Blah... back to bed now..