That sounds very ominous and depressing doesn't it?

In this case it's not a bad thing at all. Funny how society has us conditioned to think of loss as a bad thing and all gains a good thing. Especially from a society that values thin so much and shuns heavy to the back halls of invisibility... unless good for a joke or other ridicule.

For the second straight week I have dropped over 4lbs. The only thing I have really changed in any measure is that I started back at Subway and ditched Burger King. Now, its not like I was ordering up the triple at BK or what not.. it was the dollar menu and under 5 bucks most of the time and more often at or below 3 bucks.

But for about 5.50 I can go to Subway and get a foot long sub, be fuller, and apparently loose weight. Must be the lack of grease, and abundance of more healthy fiber and toppings? Oh and I can have a cookie too! lol

Either way Im a happy camper. I have lost EXACTLY 10 pounds in the last two weeks. I REALLY hope I can maintain this trend and get down another 15-20 pounds in the next 4 to 6 weeks. I know it sounds like a lot, but the one thing you have to remember is that when you are coming down from over 525lbs the initial drops can be MUCH more dramatic... its not until after you've lost a fair amount that it slows up a bit.

So now my goal is to find a way to supplement this in a new way from the last time around. Something to not only help me stay on track but do so at a slightly better $$ rate.

I wish Sam's carried whole wheat foot long bread rolls so I could do my own subs or something and take them to work for lunch so that I didn't have to go out to subway all the time. I am going to have to look into that more deeply.

I also really want to find a way to come up with more quick and easy meals for at home outside of the usual marie cal' pot pies and lean pockets. While those are good, they get boring after a year or two... Wish the steam veggie packs and weight watchers dinners weren't as expensive...

I really wish there was a way that we could pass a law saying that healthier food couldn't be so blasted expensive. Eating right, or hell just better, costs a lotta frackin money... I mean compare a double cheeseburger for a buck at BK to a 6 inch sub at Subway for $3+. It just doesn't seem right, and seems like the system is tilted in such a way as to punish those with less means than others? Maybe I am just seeing conspiracies where there are none but it still irks me lol ...

How else is loss a good thing in our lives you ask? Why I'll answer you...

Wouldn't you agree that loosing the negative influences and personalities in your life ADDS to the quality of your life? When we make the changes to remove the negative, making more room for the positive, then the loss of those that drain our energy and happiness is a wonderful thing! It's still sometimes painful when loosing familiar relationships but there are times in life when a little rain is a wonderful thing and sure does make the crops grow!! (Don't start talkin to me about farmville though... I won't be held responsible for the results lol)

Loss can be a very wonderful thing in life indeed. You just have to remember to keep all things in perspective and stay focused on what matters.

I think I may have lost sight of that a little bit in this last week but thats OK too, because without those kinds of experiences we would never learn and grow. And frankly would just be boring sappy people lol... I'm not saying drama is good but sometimes life calls for a little intensity to make the blood flow. Ya just have to be careful what kind of intensity you are allowing to creep into your motives and actions.

As for the rest of today, it was supposed to be the day I finally got up to see my friend in NH and spend some time on the table for some ink work, but en-route my head betrayed me and tried very hard to take my tummy with it. So after returning my breakfast to nature I cancelled the appointment and figured I would just go do my weigh in early and get home and go back to bed. I hate bailing on people last minute like that.

Well after several more hours sleep and getting back up at 830 this evening I finally got the last vestiges of the old 6800 phone packed up. and most of the new phone's stuff settled in. I am just waiting on a few charger's and accessories to come in and I will be getting those settled and the world will be normal again. Have I mentioned the battery life? wowie!

So now that I have rambled a bit with very little cohesion and focus I am gonna go back to the living room and FINALLY fire up the 360 and try my hand at Modern Warfare 1.

C-ya on the battle field.. (XBOX Live Gamer Tag: Inked4Life82 )