Earlier today I posted, both here and on twitter, about a horrifying customer service experience I was having. I am very open about these things and tend to share them in real time now with the advent of twitter.

And sometimes 140 characters isn't enough.

Well after venting my frustration with being treated in a disrespectful manner and laying out in great detail what had happened so that people would see not only that I wasn't making it up but just what had transpired, I received a fun anonymous comment on the blog post here. The comment informed me that I didn't have the right to be upset over poor customer service or to discuss it in any form.

Now I found it very interesting that the person who felt they had such a high ground in telling me what was a valid emotion in my life, was unable to do so without hiding behind the internet. So I did what any good blogger would do, I took a look at the IP from the comment and it gave me a good idea of which contact left the comment, and so I asked them about it. Instead of discussing it, they simply blocked me from all of our social media connections. I actually would have liked to discuss it with them, just to help clarify that it was NOT the issue being called about that had me so upset - it was the horrifying customer service and disrespect I had been receiving while making that call.

But alas they decided to cut me off and make their own blog post starting with a rant about things from the past.

All of this petty childish activity because I have learned not to internalize such negative emotions but to instead air them, recognize them, and to move on. It's sad to loose a friend over something like that, but then I guess if they are going to leave like that then  they weren't really my friend after all.

And so, I hope that they are able to find the peace they are seeking through a religion that upsets them so and in friends who never have bad days or frustrations in their own lives. I hope that they are able to come to peace with the turmoil with in them and to find their path in the light. And I hope that they will learn to forgive those around them who share even the small parts of their lives that bother them from time to time, even when they are sharing that to try to help prevent others from having to go through the same things.

For me, today's bit of frustration was deeply felt. But it was just that, I felt it, acknowledged it, expressed it in a way not to internalize the negative but to vent it from my life into the great nothingness, and in the end several hours later a resolution called me after I had moved on.

It's very easy to get sucked down into our own minutia and forget the world around us. To discuss the frustrations and forget sometimes that not everyone will realize that you are not in a rage but simply expressing what is going on in your life. And today was that day for me. I'm not perfect by any means. I am still learning how to handle the negatives in my life and to not let them get to my obsessive side. But I'm going to fail from time to time. And I hope that my true friends will forgive me my human failings.

And for those who can not, I hope that they can find the peace within to heal whatever anger is driving their compunctions to lash out at those around them, even in their weaker moments.

Finding peace is not always an easy thing to do, but in taking a step back and gaining perspective it sure makes it easier to see where we need to tread to resolve and obtain that peace once and for all. And for me that path still includes resolving how I react to the forces in my life that cause me frustration and that bring negativity into my life. Perhaps someday I will be able to better resolve this conflict or at least better manage my reactions to it.

With that said, I will still share when I see an injustice in something, be it small or great, in the hopes that information will prevent the people around me from following a similar path and having to experience the same things in their lives.

What kind of friend would I be if I didn't try to shine a light of warning on the possible trouble areas. Maker knows that there are plenty of them great and small, and if we can avoid the small ones we might just be better equipped and energized to deal with the big ones.

And now - here's to a new day and a new start.