It's my Sunday, that is to say - the end of my weekend.

I got into bed at around 9:40am and didn't crawl back out till 6:30pm this evening... and I felt guilty too?

Not sure why... Its not like I had plans or people I was ignoring, I think it was just that it felt like I was spending my last day, before the week, in bed instead of up doing stuff...

So I got up. And messed around on the computer, watched a little TV, made some breakfast/lunch and then took a nap around 10:30pm. And now here I am back up - only 2 TV shows recorded to watch, some time with the 360 heading my way, and honestly I really would like to sit down and just read... It's been far far too long since I have just spent an evening reading in solitude.

It seems like I have become beholden to trying to keep up with the myriad of TV shows I enjoy. And I'm not entirely sure thats healthy. About once a week I go through and try to weed out shows that I can live without, but darn it the ones that are there I just really like.

There has to be a better way... sigh...

So today has been a day of lazy and rest. I've not really accomplished anything at all. And I'm ok with that. But I do need to stop putting some things off and just do them. For ex. Make a dentist apt and stuff of that sort. Blah...

So what am I going to ramble on about if nothing has happened today?

I'm going to ramble on about the importance of being there for the people that matter in our lives.

Later this morning (Friday), a good friend from online who happens to be in the same state as me is going in for spinal surgery.

They contacted me this evening and told me what was going on, and that they were having a case of nerves. How I wished that I could have actually just have been there to hold their hand and help sooth them back to the rest they needed. But instead over text message we just chatted a bit. And I assured them that I would be there in spirit, and would be sending them all the good mojo I could muster.

Sure doesn't sound like much in general, but I think - hope - that knowing that there are people out there who are pulling for you, who care, and who are doing what they can to share any positive energy that they can; will matter in some way.

Sometimes being there for those we care about is less about the physical closeness, and more about the emotional and mental openness to stand by them. In fact I would bet more often than not, that is the case. You can be sitting in the same room and be light years apart, but can be sitting 1000's of miles apart and be on the same page together one beside the other.

Don't let distance stop you from doing what your heart tells you is the right thing, don't let your doubts of worth stand in the way of standing up and showing your support in whatever way you can. Just be there and share your love and support.