Do you keep Vampire hours? I do.

A fair number of people seem to think I am weird for it too.. I actually enjoy it. The world is a much more peaceful place at 3 am instead of 3pm or even 5am instead of 5pm. I mean think about it – when’s the last time you were stuck in traffic at 3 or 5 in the morning?

Now, there is an argument to be made that some of the crazies come out at night, but I would argue that they are there in the day time too – but you just can’t see them for all the less crazy but no less disturbed individuals running loose in broad day light. It’s just that without the waking world being there for them to hide in they tend to stand out more.

Wanna know something else great about the night? No sunburns. :-)

Plus while everyone else is gone to work in the day time you can go to a movie without a crowd, or even snag that early in the morning doctors’ appointment and not have to set the alarm to jolt you out of a peaceful night’s sleep. You also get to meet and know people from all different time zones all over the world! Pretty cool huh!?

One thing I am sure I need to work on however is a vitamin D issue – since the sun is a rare and passing acquaintance of mine during the winter months. On the whole I usually wake up around 2 or 4 in the afternoon and the sun sets at around 4:30. And then I will go to bed between 5:30 and 7am. Which puts the sun just up maybe 45 minutes. We get along just fine that way. None of that pesky glare in the eyes that is so painful, less heat to sweat you out too. But it brings with it a stamina required to withstand extended periods without sunlight.

You absolutely must be able to deal with the emotional shift that is required. The whole seasonal depression and lack of sunlight aspect can be a very real impact. But when you maintain similar sleep patterns for many years you can learn to develop stamina and adjust to it. The human body’s ability to adjust is amazing. Just look at weight gain and loss! It changes shape for cryin out loud!

For me I find the key factor is to maintain a regular sleep schedule and not be erratic and all over the place with it. I think that is where we get into trouble and mess with the chemical balances and so on the most.

There are however, some good things about the sun… Sunrises are stunning, and sunsets breathtaking. All of which can serve to remind each one of us just how small a part we truly are, and to remember that even something as small as us in the world can make an impact. To stand back and see the huge gas giant that is our sun arriving and departing each day – and know it is so far away, and that we can learn and build and endure so that we are able to travel out among the planets all around us… why that’s just amazing!

It’s inspiring, because it also reminds me that there is always day time somewhere on this blue ball we call home, and somewhere there is a whole civilization wide awake and working towards the future. Energy coursing through the world in a rhythm unstoppable even by death. Energy that we can draw on in the dead of night, or the blaze of day. All you have to do is be open to it. And ensure each move we make is a positive move, share that energy and support one another for the betterment of us all.

Now how do we do that all the time? Hell if I know.. but me… I’ma keep tryin my best.

Oh – ya wanna know the other thing cool about keeping night time hours? You get to call them vampire hours, and vampires are cool! Especially Edward.. hehe

:-) DB