We had an interesting discussion at work tonight. It started with the contemplation of picking up a couple powerball tickets to play.

I've never actually played that kind of lottery - and only recently played some scratch tickets for the first time. But I have to admit its damned tempting!

The topic eventually and rather quickly turned to "what would you do with the winnings" ? And I asked each person what would be the top 5 things in order that they would do...

My answers:

1. Pay off all debt.

2. Pay for gastric surgery/and any follow up cosmetic surgeries until all vestiges of weight issues had vanished.

3. Set aside 6 million each for my Mother, Father, Best Friend for use at their discretion.

4. Open a chain of High Quality tattoo shops through New England, hiring only the best talent out there. And recruiting where needed. With the hopes to expand nationally at some point.

5. Buy a home locally, Condo in Boston/NYC/New Orleans/San Francisco/and various time shares throughout the globe. (That might become just nice hotel room lol)

So thats my Top 5. There are other things of course that I would want to do - travel, invest for the future, etc... But those are the top 5 first on the list.

Oh and there is one that goes without saying... Early Retirement! lol

What would you do with 165 million?

As for the rest of the day it was very calm and collected. It's been a while since I have seen a day so truly blissful and quiet at work lol. They also bought us dinner from a local wings joint that is just fantastic. I finally tried honey mustard wings and OMG! A new temptation is entered into the books... sigh... lol

And now I'm off for a bit of food then a bit of Modern Warfare.