Twice now this weekend I have been reminded just how fantastic life is with the addition of good music. It doesn't have to be deep, emotional, or operatic.. FUN goes a long long way. A good beat is essential, something that reaches inside - grabs the groove thing - and winds it up till you can't contain it anymore, or soothes your soul into a peaceful clear state.

At work this weekend I had a couple of tasks that I had to get done, and needed to get done quickly. Now these are not always the quickest of things to slog thru but they went SO much quicker with a good mix from XM Radio's BPM, a fun dance/house music station with a minimum of 60 beats per minute. Just slide on the headphones, crank up the volume all the way, let your fingers fly over the keyboard and the work just gets done so fast... and a bit of dancing in your seat at the same time!

I'm sure my co-workers think I'm a bit odd for it, but there are times that I just can not hold in that urge to move with the music, and heaven help me, if I could carry a tune I would be singing along WAY more often. (think peel the enamel from your teeth bad - re: my singing skills). And honestly life is to short to suppress the inner joy straining to get out..

Then at one point this weekend, between dance sessions, I was put in a weird place.... Stuck in a moment where I have been asked to be less than forthcoming with details about a situation, and being point blank asked about it from someone I consider a friend and whom I have great respect and admiration for.

It's a very difficult thing when we are faced with moments where we are not able to discuss the things we would like to, and much less when we are not able to fully participate in a conversation with someone that matters to us. I'm still not sure how to reconcile the situation, or how I have to proceed at this point. Hopefully with grace, luck, and guidance I can do what I need to do to satisfy each party, in the end I fear that I will have to just step back and ask that I not be asked about any new policies etc.

Sigh... I absolutely DETEST being stuck in situations like this... And I can't really fault anyone for anything, its just one of those things in life that happens. Not really a good way for anything.

And then I get home tonight, not a clue what I am going to write about, maybe the impending, HOPEFULLY, big snow headed my way, maybe about the wonders of getting to work just 4 days a week, or paying off half of the last goal in the list of pay off's for this 1st quarter of 2010...

But instead I walk in... turn on the iTunes, and crank the volume... Glee Season 1 Volume 2 pounding on the speakers just perks me up after a 10hr shift and a week where I worked nearly 47 hours between Friday and Monday.

Great music playing and poof, I am reminded of the wonders of music. The ability of energy, passion, talent, emotion, skill, and life to transcend each other into a truly joyful and wonderful sound. A moment when the flow of life and the flow of energy is fully in sync, that feeling inside that says "sing along, dance with it!".

There are just so many varieties of music, something for everyone, and if its missing - then the talent to bring out the inner song is just a moment away!

For me I am all over the place, the Blues can truly reach in and grab me, they are home for me.. especially the rock-a-billy blues and general blues rock (newer stuff mostly but some pre electric guitar classics).  And then I can slide into dance/house music that makes me just want to get out and dance so much so that I can barely contain it - usually don't.

Then flip the dial to Opera and the world is so dramatic and full of emotion... classic 80's soft pop... sigh guilty pleasure....soundtracks...pop...90's country, and the list goes on... It's all so varied, wonderful, and such a basic, but intense, part in life.

So while I sit here and enjoy the wonderful music from Glee... why don't you go find your favorite music, induldge, and just let your self soar with the high notes - ride the wave of the chorus - run down hill to the down beat and charge right back up the scale into a free float through the space around you until your floating along in bliss with whatever tune tickles your fancy!

In short, don't over think it, just live it.