There is just nothing like the promise of a big snow and not having to get out and go anywhere to make ya feel like a kid again! Or at least me.

I can remember growing up listening to the radio praying that they would call school for snow.. but it just hardly ever happened, we were damned lucky to get a snow delay if that much. I only really remember two times getting out of school for snow and both times were mammoth storms that had us out for just at a week or a bit more.

And of course there was the morning when I called the radio station and tried to pretend to be from the school system and tell them to announce the city schools as closed... yeah that didn't work but it was worth a try! lol

Now that I'm all grown up, its not so much snow day from work - though those do happen on occasion, its more just the joy of seeing it snow, watching the world transform, and when the plows aren't rattling the windows; just hearing the calm peace as if the world has gone still and everyone is just listening.

I get anxious like anyone else does when I hear reports of big snow and I have to go out in it, but there is always that underlying current of excitement at the wonder of it all. And the anticipation of getting to go out in play in it, though that means now playing in it with the truck instead of snow ball fights and snowmen...

Today is one of those lucky days where I am off for the next couple of days and can just watch the world change, feel the energy flow in a new way, and marvel at the beauty of nature and its ability to completely change the vista of our world.

So for now I say, if you have to be out in it - please be safe! But if you don't HAVE to go anywhere, just stay in... take the the world come alive in a whole new way, and say to yourself.. "wow! well done mother nature, well done..."