We anticipate a lot of things in life, medical bills/visits, snow storms, sporting events, concerts, vacations, visitors, good news, bad news, and hope.

And thats just the short list. With so much of our lives spent in anticipation I have to wonder if we appreciate what already is? Who knows?! And this isn't the post to discuss it.

I want to talk about anticipating big events! This weekend is the Daytona 500 and my man Mark Martin is on the pole! w00t to Mark for getting his first one ever for this event!

This is the year that he gets his first championship... I really hope! And add to that Joey Logano is starting no further back than 17th?! Why, thats brilliant for his 2nd ever 500 and 2nd full season period!

In fact, I am anticipating this so much so that I actually took a half day off from work for a SPORTING EVENT! *GASP* I know right?!

With the revamp on rules and restrictions I really am anxious to see how much these changes really bring back the life of the sport after a few years in dry dock and running in line.

I am just so excited to see what this new season will bring, aside from the retro refit the cars will be getting mid season.. Guess its time to add more to the 1:24 collection lol. And I still need to get one of Mark's 2009 Chevy! sigh.. The life of a collector is never complete.

Hell, I even started a fantasy league team for the season! Get that Me! Into a SPORT! LOL

And on top of that there are at least 3 days currently listed in the next 10 where there is a chance of snow. Dare I hope for a REAL storm this time? Not just a bunch of hype like the last one was for MA, but ya know SNOW.. the stuff that all the people south of me are bitching about...

And why is it they are SOUTH of me, if they were NORTH I think I could deal with that easier.. sigh.. jealousy is not an easy burden lol.

And ya know what I am anticipating even more?!

The next unknown laughter and shared enjoyment like was had at work tonight. It was one of those moments that are all to rare - pure hard core laughter, the kind that brings not just one person but a whole room to its knees. It just conjures such wonderful positive energy that it really can sustain a person if they know how to hold on to it.

Those moments are rare and not always reverent, in fact they rarely are, but the ability to share in a communal moment of abandoned timidity and just let the laugh ring out, why that is a wondrous and magnificent thing in deed!

So here's to a weekend of achieving anticipated moments, of finding joy in what has become a decidedly very un-joyful time of year for me (Valentines Day).

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and holiday, I hope that you get exactly what you desire and I hope you find that joy... take the time, enjoy a good solid laugh. Your soul will thank you!