A Shopaholic’s reckoning is usually not a pretty sight. Mine ended once with a bankruptcy that was as much my fault as it was a result of life circumstances. And somehow I started down that same road again…

Credit is entirely too seductive and easy, much like the fabled dark side. It gives you power, is easy, and feels like you are doing the right thing for the betterment of the future. But you are signing away your soul a piece at a time, a hard if not impossible task to come back from.

After my recent purchase of a new car I had to refocus and find a motivation to finally and forcefully attack my credit debt.

With the help of my tax returns and staying on budget I have managed to pay off $1,970.00 of the then $4,199.00 in total small credit debt. That includes paying off totally what I owed for car repairs on the previous car, paying off Wal-Mart (the iPod Touch), and making a dent into my PayPal Credit and starting on a dent into my MasterCard. I’m now looking at a balance of roughly $2,270.00.

By the end of March I hope to be down to $1,780.00 as the remaining balance. And Paid off totally by the end of the year.

Talk about tight work on a limited budget in just four and a half months time… And it has SUCKED! But at the same time it has been an absolute thrill to see that big number shrink! It’s like I just want to clobber it with everything I have and be done with it!

I can’t remember the last time I was this focused on paying money out hand over fist to knock down a number without obtaining anything else new. It’s an interesting adjustment for a self admitted techno-hound and shopaholic. But for me it has been an issue of replacing the idea of spending to obtain physical items to instead spend to obtain peace of mind and buy less stress.

Yeah it sounds corny, and sounds a lot easier than it is. But honestly something like a switch tripped for me at some point in the last six months that has made this just work and make sense for me.

I’m not sure what or why – but I am very happy with that change. And now that I write this I can’t help but notice its coinciding with about the same time I started the most recent, radical shift, and peaceful acceptance of my beliefs along with discovering what those actually are. Surely it must be related somehow.

I guess it means I’m just getting old… I am after all approaching the third anniversary of my 25th birthday. Also known as the 3rd anniversary of my 25th birthday… yes I know that’s the same thing.. Remember that! LOL

So to all my fellow spend-aholics there is hope out there… You just have to find that thing that works for you. I was lucky; I think I found it on my own sort of… which is great because I didn’t have to spend for a therapist to get me there!

So here’s hoping to more surprise OT becoming available and a continued dedication to this goal as well as a continued strength fueled by the positive energies around me to allow me to resist the OCD urge’s to shop, buy, spend… heaven knows the dark side is tempting… very tempting indeed…

May the Force be with you…