What could have been a very rough and bad day didn't happen, at least not in a negative way.

I started the day after one of the worst nights sleep I have had in memory... truly unrestful and aggravating... Getting up was like having a magnet in the bed drawing me back in...

Upon arrival at work things started out fine, and then moved quickly into a moment that could have been very bad, but to my surprise and that of my co-workers, I handled it very well. I didn't let the negative energy in, and deflected with positive. In the face of irritation over something that was nothing, I simply deflected it with a smile, wink, and jovial reply.

Certainly not the thing that would have happened 4 or 6 months ago.

And the old urges to battle it out were still there, but I chose to pick my battle and just let it go, because I knew I was in the right - and the confrontation would have benefited no one. So instead I just marked it down, and moved on with my life. Such a wonderful way to start a work day... and I mean that sincerely. To start what could have been upsetting in a way that was not, is a good start indeed!

Then things got difficult... A severe migraine threatened to send me home in agony and nausea... like someone had lit the tendons in my neck to white hot fury, and connected them to the nerves in my eyes... Thankfully I had my meds on me and knocked down 1600mg of Ibuprofen and 2 butibital's.. Within about an hour it all went away and I had a delightful caffeine buzz going... read "rapid chatter, can't shut up, hyper..." Which was double good given the nights sleep issue.

This lead into a wondrously peaceful night. Even my meeting with my sup tonight led to a moment of laughter, when after I had been working with my Pandora account last week and inviting people I accidentally sent an invite to our Director of Ops work addy because it had stored in my gmail account after having sent him some message at some point from my phone... No one was mad, it was just a big "uhhhh... yeah... whoops" moment lol...

Goal this weekend: clean up gmail addy book! lol

I also got scheduled to have the windshield replaced on the truck.

I noticed Sunday night what I thought was a small crack on the bottom right corner about 2 inches long... Tonight I looked closer and realized it ran the length of the windshield wiper's resting position and beyond, turns out it was about 3 FEET long! And right at the bottom below vision range so no idea how long it had been like that!

Thank the maker for $0 deductible on glass! Free replacement! w00t! They come out to my place on Wednesday afternoon... they offered to come out Tuesday but its supposed to snow and stuff. So yeah! lol Thanks Glass America!

And so now begins my 3 day weekend, starting with a day of rest and watching the snow... followed by another day of rest watching the truck window get repaired, quickly followed by a day of errands in which I get my yearly physical, weigh in at weight watchers, buy cheese at Sam's and then take a great big huge.... NAP! lol

Life is moving in the right direction, even with its possibly precieved bumps and sidetracks, its not taking me off course, just down a different course to the same destination. The ride is never boring, and there is joy and fun to be found just around the next turn even when it seems a bit daunting just then.

So here's to my friends - have a great week, I shall have a great weekend. And we shall meet in a joyous state!