OK so it's not the big huge snow I was hoping for, but it was still a nice thing to see. And like many others who are actually native to this area, I still feel like our big one is lurking out there not to far off.

Some sleep well on rainy days, some on snowy days, I'm in both categories.  And so finally a good nights sleep was had by all in the lair. It also makes for wonderful lazy days of just messing around online, catchin up on TV, and spending time with the kitties.

And in the spirit of the grand and wonderful snow day-lazy day, I'm gonna make this one fly right by! The blog post that is...

The rest of this night will be spent catching up on back episodes of Boston Legal which is now on TVLand at long last! I DO Love this show! And a bit of time with the lovely @CraigYFerg of the Late Late Show on CBS.

Tomorrow will see the resolution of the cracked windshield, and hopefully the quick replacement of the sat radio antenna into proper place as well as the remote starter antenna... my OCD on such things is already all a'nervous quiver with concern about how that part will go. I will be anxious to see how they actually do this. Even more so given how my wipers are pinned down by the hood - I imagine there will be a bit of disassembly involved.

So for now, I shall bid you adue... May you...yeah I'm not finishing that one, so just May You...