There are moments in life when we have doubt.

There are moments in life when we have faith.

There are moments in life when we have fear.

There are moments in life when we are heroic.

There are moments in life when we need a hero.

There are moments in life when life needs our energy.

There are moments in life when our energy needs life.

There are moments in life when extraordinary things happen, and this video reminds me that those moments do exist. We spend years and decades going from one extreme to another, and all the time in between so often filled with abject apathy. Consumption of our own lives without thought of how our so called internalized focus affects the world around us.

Moments like this inspire me to remember that we can all make a difference, even if we aren't singers and song writters by trade. If your like me and you can't carry a tune, still you can join your voice to the world chorus and sing a song of love and support, and it be more beautiful than anything ever heard. The transcendence of love blows away any off key moment that might be heard.

Even if you don't know what to do, simply sharing your love, your support, and doing whatever you can for causes that spread tolerance and compassion in true and honest forms through out governments and the world is a beautiful song unto the heavens!

The sight of so many great talents, from such a huge and varied array of genre's reminds me that no matter what walk of life we come from, we can ALL join together and in a moment without hate, without personal gain, and without individual self serving pride - we can step up and promote love and compassion, understanding and support, kindness, and joy.

We spend far far too much time arguing over this and that, what one book says about the other book being wrong, or how two people are not allowed to love each other in offical terms. Some groups espousing that only certain love is OK, while other love is evil.

Love by deffinition is good, it is the sustenance, support, and force that makes life possible, the absense of compassion and love is what brings about evil, apathy, the fertilizer to speed its growth, and internalized consumption the light which allows such petty divisions over such non-issues to grow and fester into moments of such hatred and vitriol.

To deny that love exists is a lie, it does exist in our world, in many many different forms. Wether it be for a commonality in man kind with its support and outreach for others in the world, or wether it be on the singular levels of between individuals. All love is valid, all love is valuable, and all love should be valued to the fullest.

Life without love is not life. And isn't it wonderful that there are so very many flavors of love out there that we can all find what we need?

We ARE the world, and it is time we start giving our love, giving our support for that love, and giving our compasion for those who are in need. Be it from a natural disaster, from a governmental action causing destruction, or for those who are denied rights simply because their love doesn't match up with someone else's love.

The world is to large a place to ignore, and too small a place to live without full and equal support and love for all who dwell in it.

I pray our governments, societies, and peoples will see a light and with moments such as this video there to shine a light on the wounds of the world we might get there, but it can't be just once every 25 years... It has to be every minute of every hour of every day... It has to become a way of life. The petty arguments must stop. Full and equal rights of all our citizens, wether they are American citizens or world citizens must be recognized and lifted up.

The world is a vast and varied place with room enough for all our different loves and beliefs to be supported in peace, side by side, we simply have to stop imagining injuries where there are none, and help heal the injuries that do exist.

Love is a powerful thing, it can cause rage, it can cause jealousy, but its most impressive and magnificent effect is that of compassion. Act's of compassion can save thousands, heal millions, and rescue SOULS!